The smart way to reserve discounted parking

Become a Partner

  • Apply on our Website
  • Provide Property information
  • Authorize us to list your parking lot

You are in control of..

  • Your Rates
  • The number of parking spots
  • The parking lot features you want to show

Where We Operate

U.S.A and Canada

How it works

Step 1

Customer Books

Step 2

You get notified

Step 3

Customer Parks

Step 4

You provide the shuttle

Step 5

Parking lot gets extra revenue

Step 6

Happy Relationship

Extra Revenue Potential

On average our partners make $2K per month selling only 15 of their unused parking spaces at an average rate of $5.50 per parking space.

Extra revenue potential can increase based on number of spaces and rate.

Customer Base

Over 100K customers served with more than $2 Millions in Sales

20% Loyal customers and 80% New customers.

Revenue Share

2 Options

Customer Pays full reservation on website

Your share: 80%

Our share: 20%

Customer pays deposit on website the rest at the lot

You share: All other days

Our share: 1 Day

Benefits of being our partner

Generate extra revenue

Selling your unused parking spots and getting new clients.


Ecommerce and increased visibility.

New way to attract customer

Advertise your special rates and show off your parking lot features.